Windows 10 vs Ubuntu 20.04

Sachin Kumar
2 min readApr 11, 2021


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Windows and Ubuntu are two most popular operating systems of the decade.

Sometime it becomes difficult for me to choose between two of them. I love Open Source Software but I can not stop using windows due to some personal reasons. Cause I am using Windows from the childhood and there are some apps that are only for windows 10 not available in Ubuntu/Linux.

So it is kind of difficult of me to choose from both of them.

I think that its time to move on to Ubuntu as it is fast and reliable as compared to Windows 10. I need to shift to the open source apps that are alternative to windows 10 and adobe apps

So, I am trying to learn the open source apps.

Some of the alternatives that I found are as follows.

Adobe Photoshop => Gimp

Adobe Illustrator => Inkscape

Adobe Premiere => Kdenlive

Adobe After Effects => Blender

Adobe XD => Figma

Adobe Animate => Krita

Solidworks => FreeCAD

Aesprite => Libresprite

Unity => Unreal Engine

Microsoft Office => Libre Office

Chrome => Firefox

Proteus => KiCAD

It is kind of difficult to learn these software as I am a beginner. But I will definitely master them in upcoming time.

I am thinking like first will learn these software and then shift to the Ubuntu.



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