How To Convert Figma UI To Flutter Widgets

Sachin Kumar
2 min readAug 16, 2020
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Sometimes, we just want the designed UI directly into the app without much hassle of writing code and fixing the bugs.

No, doubt. There are other applications/software e.g. Adobe XD which provides plugins like xd to flutter to directly convert the UI designed in Adobe XD to Flutter Application.

Credits: — Avocode and Figma

Now, there is another application/software in this competition of UI. That’s Figma, A vector graphics editor, and prototyping tool. It provides great tools and easy User Interface to design Android and iOS-based UI and allows us to view the prototypes on mobile devices.

Credits: — Figma

Figma-to-flutter is a dart code generator (for flutter UI) that converts Figma components to Flutter widgets.

Visit here to check the repo and web version as well



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